“OMMADAWN Pt 1” IMPRO based on Mike Oldfield’s original Cover on music tech guitars sax clarinet

Ommadawn by Mike Oldfield – Performed, reimagined © Gary P Hayes

Ommadawn was one of my favourite albums as a kid, and it became a masterpiece in my mind – and while playing with some cinematic drum samples today I thought it would be fun to weave my setup around the opening section (which contains the chords of the final build up section of side one of course) – it is not meant to be a slavish cover (although there are a couple of close sections) but an homage of sorts.

There are a few edits as the original jam went on for 55 mins! – so a couple of sections miss the ‘development’ as I was playing/programming bits in, especially the chordal arpeggios in section 2 … Played on Roland #SE02 Behringer #ModelD Elektron #Digitakt & #Analog4 Waldorf #Streichfett#Volca Drums Korg #Kaossilator Pro Arturia #Keysteps Novation #BassStation2#Casio Piano Strymon #BlueSky Korg #Kaoss KP3 Roland #System1 Soprano Sax Classical Guitar Bliss Clarinet and ESP #LTD 8 string guitar

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