ONLY TIME WILL TELL: Ambient Space Jam. 3 NTS-1 ModelD Volca Modular & Drum SQ1 Keystep

Dawless jam / impro on 3 #NTS-1 #SQ1 #Volca Drum #Modular #ModelD #ArturiaKeystep recorded on a #ZoomH6 no other processing Composed & Performed © Gary P Hayes Mount Victoria Blue Mountains Australia 0:00 Intro: Setting up Drones on NTS1 1 (generative feel) and 2 (bass drone) 1:44 Intro: Solo settings on Behringer Model D 2:36 Intro: More drone settings on bass drone NTS1 2 4:32 Lonely Orbit 9:15 Time Running Out 11:20 Set the Controls 14:38 Skyfall 2149 19:37 Dilation of Memory 27:00 Descent through the Rainbow Clouds 29:38 Doors into another World 33:23 Low Flight Recon 35:30 Surfing with the Dolphindroids 40:10 Nostalgium 43:16 Testing the Time Machine 47:59 Guidance Unclear 49:30 A Void Lost 51:10 Time Will Tell FOLLOW ME: Bandcamp Album Releases – Support me on Patreon – Blog (music posts) – Facebook (Photography – 19k following) – Twitter (26k following) – Instagram (Photography 28k following) –

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