In Cm another Analog Four sound & sequence prepared live jam (the sounds and sequences generally take around 1 hour to set up and are not that interesting to watch ūüôā well the sequence creation is I suppose) This track is two 15 min impros joined with the 2nd one first, around 13 mins in I left in some random parameter trig settings on one track completely unplanned but something I want to do more of once I have the sounds in some sort of reasonable order!

Real time improvisation visuals for these tracks are at http://www.youtube.com/user/hayesg01/videos

More live impros on my evolving OTB (outside the box) setup – leading to an impro album this year called Sequentations.

This piece is structured around some ground up sounds and pre-built sequences in the A4 just before the jam and a mix of solos on Kaoss, A4 and Micron. I have put the whole piece up and yes it does ramble – for the high quality audio captures for the album of all of these I will be sub editing into 7-8 minute pieces for the album…this takes a little longer and I think they make nice background pieces in their longer jam mode?

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