Outdoor #Modular TIME BLOOM #eurorack in Nature #Bloom #DistingEX #QuNexus #Pamelas #FXAidXL #Pluck

a modular improvisation © Gary P Hayes Performed at Kew-Y-Ahn rocks, Hartley, Blue Mountains, Australia Patch Notes Text from the video – Welcome to this outdoor modular impro, created at this location prior to recording Some patch notes for those who are into that. There are 7 voices used in this piece. Channels 1 & 7 are doepfer microsynths, 2 is pluck, 3 & 4 are TwinWaves, 5/6 is stereo Disting and 9 is BD808 QuNexus is CV to TwinWaves 1, which is gated from a PolyRhythmic track on Steppy QuBit Bloom 2 channels are playing MicroSynth 1 and also a 80s synth multisample – on EX I just engaged a branch on Bloom for sequence 1, and will be adding paths too for both later The sustained notes are from a Doepfer random, slow gated from Steppy and via TipTop QTZ These long note CVs are sent to 3 voices, pluck, stringy Twin Waves 2 & sub bass MicroSynth It is all being constantly mixed on the two doepfer 138s on the right, plus a mixup on top right Most voices are going through filters with modulation and the QuNexus/TW 1 is also PipSloped The kick from BD808 is a 7/8 steppy seq. Master clock Pams out to Bloom, Steppy, Random & FX FXAidXL 1 is a clocked delay from Pams & FXAidXL 2 is set to Black Cloud reverb The drone filming was of course done after the performance main video/sound on Zoom Q2n4K Will let the piece evolve now subtle changes to Bloom, filters random CVs & LFOs. Enjoy …

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