PEACENIK AT HANGING ROCK: Ambient Outdoor Impro. Volca Modular, NTS-1, Cycling Gloves, GREAT VIEW!

Completely improvised piece after a 6km cycle in, then a 10 minute climb down steep rocky slope to this spot. Actually taking images and planning an astro shoot here, but took these little toys with me in case I found a rock to perch them on, and did! The piece has a few sections cut out as the NTS-1 doesn’t have a pick-up mode, so when you say go back to the filter to fine tune, it jumps to whatever position on the knob, and you get a sound ‘blast’ ugh… the piece has a 3 minute background loop (slow chords played on both instruments) and I bring that in every now and then … the full piece therefore starts about 7 mins in or so (text on the lower right tells you this). Also in other excuses I had full sun blasting down on the NTS-1 so couldn’t see any settings and was flying blind, I put my hand over it sometimes for critical settings … Outdoor Dawless impro on Korg #VolcaModular & #NTS-1 with Digitech Solo XT looper at Hanging Rock Grose Valley Blue Mountains Australia Composed & Performed © Gary P Hayes Audio & Video on #ZoomQ2N4k & GoPro 5

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