PURE INSANITY: Chillout Jam on Insane Gear #MicroFreak #XD #Digitakt #Streichfett #JV1080 #VolcaKick

Still re-arranging my Gallery Studio setup. My Analog Four mk2 and Hydrasynth are part of another rig, especially remote/outdoor jams and of course I still have my Volca and Boog Spice Rack … the new addition here hiding under the Minilogue XD is the classic Roland JV1080 (some expansions on the way, but more than enough presets to get started with – not exactly easy to use live in terms of tweaking, so will be pre jam editing for specific jams)… A new feature is using the Volca Drum as master midi clock. This allows me to send a basic CV sync from it to the left Keystep which then outputs Midi Clock to the right keystep and then into the Digitakt, which acts as the MIDI hub and distribution from then on – via a MIDI merge 2 into 2 (merging digitakt and live midi from the controllers, as digitakt doesn’t capture or route controller mod message and I like my aftertouch!). on Korg #Minilogue XD #VolcaKick #Kaoss Pro Elektron #Digitakt #ModelCyles Waldorf #Streichfett – Roland #JV1080 Arturia #Keysteps #MicroFreak – CME #XKey37 – Zoom ARQ48 Composed & Performed © Gary P Hayes Mount Victoria Blue Mountains Australia

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