Real Time Orchestra Impro. Demo of NUCLEUS LITE EDITION ORCHESTRA: Musical No Voice Demo / Review

I used to do a lot of this back in the day when composing film music, and playing live to the film, laying down real time cues and then go back to tidy them up (tweaking a few notes here and there and timing), but I do love having an orchestra at my fingertips – excuse the slight rustiness of this particular outing which is really a demo of the very cost effective plug-in from Audio Imperia. A continuous demo of Nucleus Lite Edition Orchestra. A totally free form improvisation of each of the sounds then a longer 5 layer composition of sorts. The sections are below: 0:00 Strings Full Ensemble Sustained 1:38 Strings Full Ensemble Spiccato 2:26 Woodwind Full Sustained 4:17 Woodwind Full Spiccato 4:52 Brass Full Sustained 6:11 Brass Full Spiccato 6:48 Timpani / Glock 7:26 Choir Full Sustained 8:49 Choir Full Spiccato 9:30 Snares, Bass Drum, Cymbals, Gong 10:15 Improvised composition Layer 1 – Strings 17:30 Layer 2 – Woodwind 24:58 Layer 3 – Brass 32:42 Layer 4 – Choir 40:31 Layer 5 – Percussion FOLLOW ME: Bandcamp Album Releases – Support me on Patreon – Blog (music posts) – Facebook (Photography – 19k following) –… Twitter (26k following) – Instagram (Photography 28k following) –….

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