REISEFIEBER 2021: Jamuary2021 MicroFreak & Volca Modular & NTS1

Dawless impro jam on Arturia #MicroFreak, Korg #VolcaModular and Korg #NTS1 Composed & Performed ¬© Gary P Hayes in Mount Victoria, Blue Mountains, Australia Film & Sound captured on Zoom #Q2N4k note: spelling on video incorrect should be Reise not Riese ūüôĀ Tech notes: Clock: The volca modular is acting as master clock, sending sync to Freak then onto NTS1 Midi: All instruments are standalone, freak is just local notes and NTS1 is built in arp Audio: The NTS1 has a 2 to 1 audio in splitter taking both freak and vModular – and then from the NTS1 goes to the camera Q2n4k Effects: All effects are from the NTS1, mainly delay and reverb.

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