RELAXED MAX: Ambient Hydrasynth Jam Impro Loop. Mad Max III Thunderdome Location in Blue Mountains

Outdoor Dawless impro on ASM #Hydrasynth Desktop Played using a CME #XKey37 PolyAftertouch with Jamman Solo XT doing 4 x 5 min loops approx. (meaning I play one continuous part for about 5 mins, then layer another part on top of that in real time once that loops and so on) at Mermaids Cave Blackheath Blue Mountains Australia Location used in the film Mad Max II or III Thunderdome, the lost children tribe section –… Composed & Performed © Gary P Hayes Audio & video on #ZoomQ2N4k by Gary P Hayes Some notes on my outdoor performance pieces: MASTER: I usually record the master take and close up shot before anything else (to get that in the bag so to speak) – here just a line out of the SoloXT into the Zoom Q2N4K which is capturing the audio (48k 24bit) and also feeding my Shure In-Ear headphones – usually I take my Beyer DT750s. This is done in one continuous 4K take, so I could potentially crop in later on a HD timeline. B ROLL: Whether it is drone footage or here, static angles, they are done after the event and of course I ‘pretend’ to be playing and layer that in over the master take – later on any edit I can just hide those video tracks in seconds if I wanted to get a complete master take shot. Using a tripod I just let the camera record, setup an angle then walk back to the rig and play for 20s or so then reposition and repeat. Same with walking shots, POV shots are just on walkins or walkouts. Drone shots I usually have the controller close to the instruments so gives the impression I am playing, easy to spot it on full screen! HIKING: The most I have hiked in to a place with gear is about 1.5 hours, and I usually take my normal camera gear (I am a landscape photographer) and fill my pack with other music gear. Most hikes tend to be 15-30 mins and I sometimes take a small stand with me if I know ‘natural’ tables will be tricky OR for smaller hikes just take for convenience. But I prefer to find or know there will be natural places to place gear, 90% of the time. POWER: All my outdoor jams are powered by bigger 10-20Ah powerbanks, same ones people use for their phones, but I use RipCords (from myvolts) which convert the 5V USB to 9 or 12V which most music tech needs.

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