RIP VANGELIS #Eurorack Cinematic Explorations ‘Daphnis & Floyd’ #Modular #Surface #DistingEX #Bloom

So sad to hear another synth hero of mine passed a few days ago (with Schulze too a few weeks ago – such an odd time), but here is an improvisation that captures a little of his essence I hope. I often think of titles after the piece of course – as I was creating the patch/s I had in the back of my mind the emotive soundtracks, the white noise pulsing rhythms of Chariots and some of the lesser known longer format earlier expressive albums of Vangeils but also other influences came into view, Part III, daybreak of Daphnic and Chloe (Ravel’s ballet score) and while crafting some of the more rhythmic elements, moments of Floyd’s Time, Shine On and Wall started to sneak in … of course no direct references, just ‘feel’.

Latest Rack Configuration here…

Patch notes (based on mixers audio)

Ch1 – MiniSynthA, fast synth minor run from 2HP arp gated from SteppyA, some probability – also white noise fed into aux in for rhythmic sections

Ch2 – 2HP Pluck fast decay guitar sounds, semi random wave from Pams8, gated by SteppyB

Ch3/4 – Altering Bloom sequence A fed to Surface using an altering range of models,

Ch5/6 – Disting EX tuned vocal multisamples, being triggered from O&C Hemispheres single step sequence on Sequence5

Ch7 – TwinWaves B fast sequence like Ch1, feed from Carpeggio on O&C Hemis

Ch8 – MiniSynthB, low range drone/dige sound, manual note CV from TipTop QTZ, modulated filters and PWM from 2 LFOs … note CV sometimes fed to 2HP Arp to transpose minor arpeggio to Ch1

Ch9 – TipTop BD808 kick triggered from semi probability SteppyD

Ch10 – TwinWaves A CV from QuNexus keyboard, gate from QuNexus fed via ALM PipSlope, LFO modulation on twin saw sound

Clock – PAMs clocks fed to Bloom, Steppy (reset also), O&C x 2, and FXAid delay trigger All fed through right FXAidXL big reverb. Chs 1-4 fed through the first FXAid in sync delay mode.

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