Serenade Pandémique for Strings – Improvised on Roland JV1080​ polyaftertouch​ on two XKey37

Attempting some expressive ‘modern style’ orchestral playing – after a lot of fine tuning of the poly aftertouch settings and pans, filters etc: on the JV1080. Mostly using two ‘waveforms/tones’ but sometimes add a woodwind and brass one in two, subtley. The reverb is coming from the JV1080 with a tiny bit of chorus. The piece is totally improvised with no, dry runs, just went where I felt like, but in my mind our current situation which is at a crucial stage as vaccine (the positive parts in this piece) starts to take hold and hopefully, slowly eradicate the virus. The are essences of Ravel, Stravinsky, Elgar, Part, Shostakovich, Vaughn Williams and even Hindemith, but you may not hear any of those of course! Tell me in comments what you hear, nice things! Polyphonic Aftertouch Improvised ‘String’ Serenade using two CME #XKey37​ & Roland #JV1080​ module Composed & Performed © Gary P Hayes in Mount Victoria, Australia. Film & Sound captured on Zoom #Q2n4K

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