SPACESHIP PAGODA: Ambient Outdoor Impro & #Drone in Australia’s unprotected Gardens of Stone #NTS1

Continuous live dawless jam / improvisation on two Korg Nu:Tekt #NTS1 feat: #QuNexus Keys and stereo looping on Digitech #SoloXT UPDATE: Check Sebs jam along COLLAB with my original here… Composed & Performed © Gary P Hayes at Temple of Doom, in an unprotected part of #GardensOfStone, #BlueMountains, Australia Sound & vision captured on #ZoomQ2n4k & Dji Air 2s “Ever since I saw an image of a pagoda ‘lost’ in the Australian bush back in 2000 I have been fascinated by their enigmatic majesty. When I came to live in Australia a few years later I would venture out into these ‘lost worlds’ of ancient sandstone with rare flora and fauna frequenting their accidental canyons. My photographic, and recently musical, works out in these spaces are primarily to capture their unique triumphant individuality and remoteness but also their danger and fragility. I try to bring out the iconic stature in them because by seeing them as important as other features in the Blue Mountains we really understand the importance of protecting them. Gary is primarily a landscape photographer who lives in Mount Victoria in the Blue Mountains where he has his own open studio and gallery and from where he runs a range of creative photography workshops. He has been taking photographs since the early 1980s and focuses on landscape with light and emotion and has lived and worked in UK, USA and Australia but specialises at the moment in the rich scenery of the Greater Blue Mountains. His licensed work has appeared in numerous photography and travel magazines and books and others such as Australian Geographic and two Australian stamps and he has had several solo exhibitions. Many framed works have been sold privately and several series appear in hotels and resorts around the Blue Mountains and he sells self published books of photos of the area. “

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