Sunday LIVE 8 Aug 9.30am Oz time – Eurorack Melodic Impro Ambient Cinematic Sequential

0:00 PATCH TALKTHROUGH 24:25 PERFORMANCE Annoyingly I noticed afterwards that it had been mixed to mono, a problem with one of my connecting leads – still it feels balanced mixer wise which is better than just one side of the original glorious stereo mix. Note for diary, always check stereo signal!! An unscripted, mostly unplanned performance – featuring today two black keysteps interfacing with the eurorack, multiple sequences into doepfer mini synths and 110, supported by 182 parallel chordal sequence into Klavis Dual, picodrum2 on drum and another mini synth on bass line, pluck embellisments and more – will move in and out of experimental and melodic/cinematic ambient

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