Sunday LIVE – The AMAZING 2600 behringer Epic Kosmiche JAM!! feat: Korg SQ1 & NTS1 #exploration

REUPLOADED because the live went out pre FX!! in otherwords super dry – so this is how it sounded to me when performing …. OK the price was finally right ($550 USD new) and I got my Arp 2600 yesterday morning – already managed to spend an hour or so with it and getting some great vibes – so with no other sound boxes (just the ARP2600 – oh and a Volca Beats to provide some backing kick / hh ) here is a long wander with it into Berlin Kosmiche territory, amongst other things – History: I was lucky to have an original / real Arp to use for a few months back in the late 1980s when I was an engineer/producer, and back in 2004 I was one of the first to use Arturia’s emulation on a mac, but great to now own something close to the original … please ask questions, but I will be exploring alongside trying to do a flow performance!

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