Sunday Morning Live ‘DYING DIGITAKT’ – a live #chill jam from my gallery studio Best after 15:49

A Sunday morning relaxed jam I hope! – Just a little live noodle on my new little setup – probably going to be Berlin School style with a little bit of stringy synth Paris and polyAT Athens thrown in 🙂 Synth heads know what I am going on about! After stream …well the opening 15 mins didn’t go to plan as my ‘hub’ digitakt kept freezing and then just quitting … time to get it repaired or just find another hub… several times it just froze, but because I have midi through going into a merge after the takt, I was able to still jam on everything with clock going from Hydra to Volca Kick to Keysteps and then out to everything else – bypassing the Digitakt (but I was unable to record anything other than on the Analog Four, to the rescue!) … but typical that it dies right at the start of a live stream!! – still enjoy the other 45 mins 🙂

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