Sunday Morning Live ‘EMPATH AI’ Starts at 5 mins Nov 1st 70s style SynthWave Berlin Schooly type jam

A little journey back to the style of the 70s, well that is how it started, but moves around in decades here and there! Also very thin additions of guitar and even a soprano sax somewhere! Featuring on the top Analog Four mk2 which sequences ModelD and Crave plus its own 4 tracks Poly Pad synths – Minilogue XD and Streichfett plus HydraSynth, JV1080 which both have their own XKey37 poly aftertouch keyboard (the two at the front) While my Digitakt is being fixed, rhythm boxes are Volca Kick (or Drum) and Model:Cycles (although I can do some drums on Analog Four as well of course) Soloing and sequenced arps on the Kaoss as per usual – while the keysteps provide control for most synths (apart from Hydra and XD) and using their arp and seq feature in places … Main group of synths go through the BlueSky to the final mixer, where there is a return to a stereo delay too if required.

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