Sunday Morning Live ‘VALENTINE’ 14 Feb 9.30 #sequential #chill jam #neutron #modeld #sq1 #ko2 #nts1

A Sunday morning relaxed sequential dreaming epic jam – Sunday Morning Live 14 Feb 9.30 AEST Berlin and Paris school The piece will start mysteriously and a pulse will rise from the sonic swamp, then build and build, complexity, three strands of sequence and melody, life, before descending into chaos and returning to the world it came from – and that whole structure may repeat until I have to open my photo gallery! …. Planning to use two SQ1s generating three sequences, 1 going to Model D and two to Neutron, both constantly evolving sound wise and musically. Lots of delay and verb on the NTS1 combined with a range of sounds from the Kaoss – may add the MicroFreak if I get the urge!

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