SYNTHWAVE AMBIENT – ‘Parrots in the Snow’ Jam #Digitakt #Model:Cycles #Crave #BlueSky #Hydrasynth

Been refreshing my digital rig last few days – mostly audio configuration, did this song before I added all the midi routing, so left XKey37 controls the JV1080 and the right one Hydrasynth (both poly aftertouch), the right Keystep goes directly to Streichfett strings and everything else is played directly on their front interafaces. My garden, just outside the gallery studio, is filled with Australian King Parrots, as I was doing this about 15 were hanging around in the trees and it reminded me when they visited in the snows about a month ago – hence me including my photos of them in the video, and a snowy drive I did that day too – which seems to go nicely with the piece.

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