TEARS FOR YOUTH: Ambient Chill Jam and Talk-through #Eurorack #MicroFreak #VolcaDrum #Pluck #Modular

A dawless hybrid improvised jam on #Eurorack & Guests Talk / Walk-through at 27:00 (btw at 31 mins approx I kept saying NTS1 when of course I meant SQ1 !!) SOUNDS: 2HP #Pluck Arturia #MicroFreak #NTS1 #VolcaDrum QUANTISERS: TipTop Audio & Doepfer A156 SEQUENCERS: Beh 182 & Korg #SQ1 FX: #Strymon #BlueSky,Beh 172 phase/delay & CP1A power UTILITY: 2x Doepfer A118 randomiser & A138s mixer Horstronic Mult, 2HP LFO, Beh CP3A mixer mult Composed & Performed © Gary P Hayes in Mount Victoria, Blue Mountains, Australia

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