THE ENIGMA LEDGE: Extreme Ambient Jam #EWI & #Hydrasynth. Mount Victoria, Blue Mountains, Australia

Dawless outdoor improvisation on (wind instrument) Akai #EWI 4000s controlling ASM #Hydrasynth Desktop Gary’s albums available here Support me here BTW you will have to wait until the very last notes to see where the title came from! Performance tech note: My right hand index finger is switching the EWI hold on, which sustains indefinitely (until I click it again) the note I am playing at that time. This allows me to then play a second part over the top of the held one – but breath/aftertouch sadly affects both, for now until I work out how to go poly aftertouch using the pads on the Hydra and breath on the EWI … Power note: The Hydrasynth and Q2n4k are powered by two separate phone style powerbanks, the Hydra requires a RipCord 5V to 12V cable and a higher Watt powerbank – here the ROMOSS 26800mAh Type-C PD Portable Charger, 18W (still very portable). The EWI has internal batteries Film & Sound on Zoom #Q2N4k & #MavicAir2 (after performance) Composed Performed & Filmed © Gary P Hayes. In an area he is lucky to have less than 200m from home in Mount Victoria Blue Mountains Australia

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