THE ENIGMA OF FLIGHT: Improvisation on #MinilogueXD #VolcaDrum Modular #NTS1 #ArturiaKeystep #SQ1

A first test recording using the Minilogue with my what has now become, my Korg rack – and also filming in 4K using the Q2n4K then editing that on a HD timeline – for better clarity? The important thing is the sound is fed into the same 4K recorder vs my usual post sync’ing, H6 and GoPro’s NOTE: The battery pack supplying NTS1 – left, dies around 23 mins and as that has the Volca Drum going through it, hence the last 10 minutes without an oscillator and drums (I should have just put another battery pack in and chopped it, but hey, only a test), The NTS1s don’t need a lot and I normally get 10 hours or so from a 5k or so powerpack… Performance based dawless Jam / Impro on Korg #MinilogueXD#VolcaDrum#VolcaModular Korg 3x #NTS-1 2x #SQ1#KO2 & Arturia #Keystep Recorded & filmed on Zoom #Q2n4K Composed & Performed © Gary P Hayes Mount Victoria Blue Mountains Australia. Raw aerial footage of Iceland © Gary P HayesSHOW LESS

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