Been a fan of Mike Oldfields 1973 Opus since a teenager and although I can play much of it on guitars, harps, bass and wind instruments, this afternoon I had a tinker in my open photo gallery (yes a few folk were browsing towards the end section again and talking to me putting me off!) using one of my OTB keyboard setups (I am using for original works).

I love the opening sequence with its odd time signatures and downward chord progressions so just did a little prep on the Analog 4 (time sigs and sounds) and set off. The only part I rehearsed a few times was the 3/4 downward chord section, otherwise all other parts I knew and this is not meant to be a verbatim structure of course.

Instruments: Roland System 1 for back sequences, Ensoniq MR Rack for strings, Analog 4 for bass, main riff, flute riff and arp harmony, piano and Kaoss for solo parts. I was going to add my new Volca Beats and Keys, but it would have lost a little purity if I did that.

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