UNATTENDED #1 generative modular ambient with PATCH NOTES #eurorack

Eurorack Generative Modular Adventures Feat: Doepfer Random CV & A-111-6 mini synths – 2HP Pluck & ARP, Klavis Twin Waves – TipTop Quantizer, Behringer 110, 182 Composed & Performed © Gary P Hayes Mount Victoria, Blue Mountains, Australia – recorded on Zoom Q2n4k PATCH NOTES Track 1 Pluck – A random s/h CV from Doepfer random A via TipTop quantizer gated by steppy D Track 2 Klavis OscA – pitch from Turing machine gated by Steppy B via ADSR Track 3 Klavis OscB – Doepfer randomB CV gated from steppy C via doepfer dual quantizer – audio filtered also by WASP Track 4 Mini synth B – CV from fixed sequencer 182 gated by medium speed synthrotek clock Track 5 Mini synth A – same random doepfer CV as Klavis OscB gated by steppy C Track 6 Erica picodrum2 gated by steppy A and CV into pitch Track 7 White noise fed from doepfer random to 110 with LFO in fact 6 other LFOs used across the above for triangle modulation at varying speeds.

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