VIDEO – Villanello Part One

Villanello Part 1/4 – Acoustic 1-take Impros on Harp, Guitar, Clarinet, Piano – ‘Primordial Noodle Soup’ – Gary Plays Salvi Julia Harp, Vantage Classical Guitar, Selmer Clarinet and Casio CDP200R Keys. ©© GaryPHayes 2011 Subscribe to 100s of free Gary tracks via iTunes & your reader at

Video on YouTube at

Note: These pieces are actually a production flow test done a few months ago using Zoom Q3HD recorders to capture audio & vision and edited together in FCP – but on seeing them again, thought they were pleasant enough for YouTube 🙂

The pieces began with random Cm Harp improvisations followed by Guitar, Clarinet and Keyboard overlays (monitoring the video/audio of previous take in headphones of course) and were all 1-take (hence the rather ‘amorphous’, lost, sprawling nature of the pieces! Often when composing these sorts of impros usually form (tunes pop out) into more structured, finished pieces with the usual chord progressions and melody, but here they are left as ‘primordial’ noodle soup 🙂

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