The Value of Experiential – Our New Augmented Worlds

Cinematic Game, Playful Film – A Hybrid Jouney

2008 Metaverse Tour – The Social Virtual World’s A Stage

The Dawn of Mixed Reality – Virtual & Augmented Reality

Mixed Alternate Reality Game ‘Old Forest’

Minami- Impro on Kaossilators KO1, Pro and KP3

Time Treasure- A Location Based Augmented Reality Game

Villanello Part 1/4 – Acoustic 1-take Impros on Harp, Guitar, Clarinet, Piano

Virtuality – World From the Air, Euphoric TranceMedia

iPad 2 Augmented Reality – Part 1 ‘Recognition’ Business Opportunities

Gary Hazlitt Machinima – The Great Dance – Myth of Nataraja

Second Life – Deakin University Build

Gary Hazlitt Machinima – Pink Floyd The Wall V2.0 Rick Wright In Memoriam

Second Life – Seventh Heaven – Windlight

Second Life – Thursday’s Fictions, Parable of Reincarnation

MUVEDesign Summary of Brands in Second Life

Machinima – SkyDancers 07 – HD & Widescreen Remastered

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