VOLCA MODULAR: FIRST EXCURSION – No Talk. Instructional try 1 hr after box opening! #Volca #Modular

Obviously modular tends to be skewed more towards sound design than musicality (mostly), so please take that into account on this first run through – Been wanting to get the modular since it came out but wasn’t high on my list. But had a try out at a local music shop yesterday and was very impressed – you can certainly get sounds out of it that a basic east coast style analog synth can’t. Even in this first take super encouraged by some of the possibilities. Much of it is accidental (unless of course you have a wall of modular synths and you see this as a little toy to play with on the plane), but those new to it would likely be inspired to dive in deeper! Composed & Performed © Gary P Hayes on Korg Volca Modular (after one hour unboxing) Minor additions from Volca Beats & Strymon Blue Sky

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