WAVES OF MOBIUS Intersteller Improvisations of other Worlds, ModelD SE02 Digitakt VolcaKeys #archive

0:00 Shores of Moebius 8:33 Frozen Walls 15:37 Sparkling Lagoons 21:46 The Fissues SOUTH – And the waves crash incessantly on the menacing shores of Moebius. Dominating the southern horizon the machine cities rise, with black waves smashing against the whirring, metal barricades. NORTH – The frozen north shines with immense white walls a mile high, as wave after powerful wave crashes then freezes in an eternal dance. And every hour the walls collapse violently, the earth thunders as the cycle begins again. EAST – To the east, sparkling lagoons emerge from blue and yellow forests, the magical water changing colour as each wave ebbs over them then recedes, from green to purple to orange, and birds fly in and out of the surf. WEST – Finally on the western shores the sea tumbles into massive cracks in the earth beneath the stilt skyscrapers. Flowing, crashing, rolling, thundering.” Composed and performed © Gary P Hayes on #Behringer #ModelD Roland #SE02 #Elektron #Analog4 & #Digitakt #Volca Keys Bass Beats Korg #Kaoss Pro Waldorf #Streichfett Roland #System1 and Arturia #Keysteps

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