What Gary Does

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has a top media blog

plays the harp


plays the soprano sax



founded and directs a global multi-platform training organisation

plays spanish guitar, grand piano and creates virtual worlds


is a semi pro photographer


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presents around the world on advanced media

has 38 000+ twitter listeners 🙂

composes songs, melodic trance & film music and also iTunes podcasts them

curates a pervasive entertainment scoop site

creates future videos & more on his 1.2 mill views YouTube channel

creates pervasive & alternate reality games

cycles and creates melodic progressive trance music



explores hundreds of game and virtual worlds


and did

ran an ancient interactive social TV resource 1999-05

directed a cool lab of advanced media production 2005-10


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  1. Hi Gary,

    I would like to invite you to visit the Gold Coast based website for http://www.entertainmentequities.com

    Entertainment Equities writes, develops, and produces original contemporary themed musicals that are designed for national and international touring – please click on the website image for “About the Production Company”

    Having visited your website, I would like to enquire if you might be interested in involvement with some of the “Second Life” and music aspects of THE PROMISED LAND (please click on the image on the website).

    I’d be interested on your comments on where you feel that you might be suited to involvement.

    Best regards,

    KEVIN MOORE (Writer / Producer)

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