Zoom ARQ #AR48 … Is it a toy? Is it Bad Music Tech? VISITATIONS: First test Jam…

Noticed this was in a blowout sale and for 25% of the original price couldn’t resist … although aimed at EDM type music, I think there is real potential in ambient or more chillout beat music, this jam is literally an hour or so after taking it out of the box … there are some nice hidden features, mostly around odd time signatures and the fact you can have 16 tracks of a 3 oscillator poly synth (a few sounds here are created quickly on my first opening) … might be nice to throw in my camera bag on hikes too … also the ring has some nice features with built in accelerometer too, and very surprised at the aftertouch included on this ‘toy’… Dawless jam / impro on Zoom ARQ #AR-48 Audio & Video recorded on a #ZoomQ2N4k no other processing Composed & Performed © Gary P Hayes Mount Victoria Blue Mountains Australia

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