MEDITATION CRATER Model:Cycles Ambient Nature Impro. Goochs Crater, Gardens of Stone, Blue Mountains

WALKING ON AIR: Live Model:Cycles Volca Drum impro with the Highliners at Mount Victoria, Blue Mtns

ONLY TIME WILL TELL: Ambient Space Jam. 3 NTS-1 ModelD Volca Modular & Drum SQ1 Keystep

PAGODA CHILL: Ambient Elektron Model:Cycles Outdoor Jam Impro Newnes Plateau Australia Mavic Air 2

TIME & SPATIAL: Adventures in Polyrhythm & Polymeter Dawless Jam on SE02 Volca Modular & Kick NTS-1s

UNFORGIVEN MASK: Wonderful World of Sound #ModelD #MicroFreak #VolcaModular #VolcaDrum #NTS-1 #KO2

ALIENS FROM A CURIOUS HEAVEN: Dawless 1hr Jam on 3x NTS-1s 2xSQ1 Volca Kick/Keys MicroFreak SE02

Real Time Orchestra Impro. Demo of NUCLEUS LITE EDITION ORCHESTRA: Musical No Voice Demo / Review

REGENERATION NATION: Ambient Elektron Analog Four mk2 Outdoor Jam / Impro Aussie Fire Zone

BOLERO AND THE FINAL APOCALYPSO: Jam in Theme and Variation format. MicroFreak ModelD NTS-1 Volcas

TEMPLE OF DOOM: Elektron Analog Four mk2 OutDawless Jam, Gardens of Stone Pagoda Unprotected

HEARTBEAT OF BERLIN: School, Jam on Model D, Arturia MicroFreak, Volca Kick & Keys SQ1 NTS-1s

A JAPANESE MODEL IN MILAN: ‘light’ jam on Akai EWI & Elektron Model:Cycles Impro – descriptive text

THE LUCKY HYDRA: Big Cinematic Jam on Tiny Tech #MicroFreak #ModelD #VolcaDrum #NTS1 #SQ1 #VolcaKeys

STRATEGIC SYNC: 1 hour Techno Jam by Gary P Hayes. Model D NTS-1 Volca Modular / Kick SQ1 KO2

AMBIENT: BEACON EARTH. Chilled (Iceland) Jam on Model:Cyles, NTS-1s, Model D, Volca Keys & Drum

MANANGATANG: DAWLESS JAM on MicroFreak Volca Modular/Drum, SQ1, NTS-1, Model D

Solar Powered SUNSET ROCK: Elektron #Model:Cycles Jam at Sunset Rocks, Mount Victoria, Blue Mtns

TINY RACK, BIG MUSIC: Tutorial Talk & Performances on MicroFreak, ModelD, NTS-1, Volcas, SQ1s

JOURNEY TO THE CENTER OF THE PULSE: Techno House Jam, NTS-1, Volcas, ModelD, MicroFreak, SQ1, KO2

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