MONKEY CREEK: Outdoor Jam on Elektron #Model:Cycles #BlueMountains #PagodaCountry #Dargan

MODULAR LIVE ‘Dreamworld’ Sunday Morn JAM 30 May 2021 Modular, Techno Ambient Experimental Melodic

MODULAR LIVE ‘The Eclipsed Side of the Moon’ 29 MAY – – Journey into Modular Chill

MODULAR EPIC AMBIENT ‘Lady of the Mountains’ & Patch Talk-through #modular #guitar #epic

MODULAR LIVE ‘Flight of Fancy’ 1) Talkthrough 2) Patch 3) Performance 16 May 9.30 AEST #ambient

MODULAR LIVE ‘Mother Nature Day’ 9 MAY Chill #experimental #eurorack #jam #chill #ambient #lounge

MODULAR LIVE ‘May the 4th Be With You’ Journey into Modular Ambience

SPACESHIP PAGODA: Ambient Outdoor Impro & #Drone in Australia’s unprotected Gardens of Stone #NTS1

AN AUSTRALIAN DREAM: Ambient Impro on two NTS1s QuNexus and SoloXT looper

TEARS FOR YOUTH: Ambient Chill Jam and Talk-through #Eurorack #MicroFreak #VolcaDrum #Pluck #Modular

MODULAR VOLCA HYDRASYNTH ‘A Terrestrial Revolution’ feat: 2HP Pluck QuNexus Volca Drum Doepfer

GOLDEN TRIANGLE: A little ambient night jam using 3 sounds 2HP #Pluck #AnalogFour mk2 #SQ1 #QuNexus

AIR & PEACE MUSIC Ambient Impro MicroFreakEurorack Neutron ModelD TipTopQZ Semi Generative

MODULAR FREAK TUNE ‘Pink Dotty PJs’ A Short MicroFreak 2hp Pluck Tune Eurorack late night tune

MODULAR LIVE 28 Mar 9.30am AEDT, Sat 27 Mar 10.30pm GMT eurorack & Freak

THE CURVED SEA: Elektron Analog Four mk2 Coastal Jam. Analog Four Mk2, Volca Keys, MavicAir2

EXPOSÉ: OUTDOOR BEACH Jam Analog Four mk2 outdoor impro Volca Keys Analog Four k2 SynthWave

MODULAR AMBIENT SEMI GENERATIVE ‘Negative Space’ Impro then Live Patch talkthrough. Doepfer TipTop

MODULAR LIVE ‘VRIL’ 9.30am AEDT, Sat 3.30pm PST MODULAR, Freak, Singing Bowl, Classic Guitar

MODULAR LIVE ‘Dreamtime Modular Landscape’ neutron, modelD, TipTopQZ, seq960, volca keys/modular

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