MODULAR LIVE ‘Intersteller’ Saturday Late 12 June 10.30pm AEST – Eurorack, Ambient, Paris, Berlin

MODULAR OUTDOOR ‘Sleeping Beauty’ Impro in Pagoda Country Eurorack Blue Mountains #highfrequency

MONKEY CREEK: Outdoor Jam on Elektron #Model:Cycles #BlueMountains #PagodaCountry #Dargan

MODULAR LIVE ‘Dreamworld’ Sunday Morn JAM 30 May 2021 Modular, Techno Ambient Experimental Melodic

MODULAR LIVE ‘The Eclipsed Side of the Moon’ 29 MAY – – Journey into Modular Chill

Tutorial 12 ANALOG FOUR mk2 ‘8 Step Challenge’ and pLock sLock Conditionals. Track from Scratch

MODULAR EPIC AMBIENT ‘Lady of the Mountains’ & Patch Talk-through #modular #guitar #epic

DIRTY ROTTEN PIG: Jam on a Cliff Edge, Analog Four mk2 Remote Impro, Katoomba, Boars Head

MODULAR LIVE ‘Flight of Fancy’ 1) Talkthrough 2) Patch 3) Performance 16 May 9.30 AEST #ambient

MODULAR LIVE ‘Mother Nature Day’ 9 MAY Chill #experimental #eurorack #jam #chill #ambient #lounge

MODULAR LIVE ‘May the 4th Be With You’ Journey into Modular Ambience

SPACESHIP PAGODA: Ambient Outdoor Impro & #Drone in Australia’s unprotected Gardens of Stone #NTS1

AN AUSTRALIAN DREAM: Ambient Impro on two NTS1s QuNexus and SoloXT looper

TEARS FOR YOUTH: Ambient Chill Jam and Talk-through #Eurorack #MicroFreak #VolcaDrum #Pluck #Modular

MODULAR VOLCA HYDRASYNTH ‘A Terrestrial Revolution’ feat: 2HP Pluck QuNexus Volca Drum Doepfer

GOLDEN TRIANGLE: A little ambient night jam using 3 sounds 2HP #Pluck #AnalogFour mk2 #SQ1 #QuNexus

AIR & PEACE MUSIC Ambient Impro MicroFreakEurorack Neutron ModelD TipTopQZ Semi Generative

MODULAR FREAK TUNE ‘Pink Dotty PJs’ A Short MicroFreak 2hp Pluck Tune Eurorack late night tune

JOURNEY INTO SELF: Synthwave Expedition JAM. Studio Test Minilogue XD Digitakt Hydrasynth Crave

MODULAR LIVE 28 Mar 9.30am AEDT, Sat 27 Mar 10.30pm GMT eurorack & Freak

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