UNATTENDED #1 generative modular ambient with PATCH NOTES #eurorack

Throwback SOUL MINOR: Synthwave + Classic Guitar + Sax SE02 Digitakt ModelD BlueSky Kaoss

INNOCENSE: Cliff Edge Dreamy Eurorack Jam – melodic ambient doepfer a111-6 mini synth, pluck, drone

SNOW Analog Four mk2 & Eurorack CINEMATIC AMBIENCE – Performance & Tutorial – Sunday modular LIVE

MODULAR CHORD STRUCTURE & THEME ‘Orion Z’ ~ Eurorack Retro Trip & Tutorial -Text on right screen

SYNTHWAVE AMBIENT – ‘Parrots in the Snow’ Jam #Digitakt #Model:Cycles #Crave #BlueSky #Hydrasynth

‘ANALOG FOUR mk2 & EURORACK ‘Birthday Live Jam’ – CV TUTORIAL 0:00 PERFORMANCE 1:05:00 July 18

MODULAR CINEMATIC DRIVE ‘Fink Droid’ VCF5 Wasp, Synthrotek DIRT, Erica pico drum2, Steppy, QuNexus

MODULAR LIVE ”Berlin 75′ Sunday AM Live Modular Eurorack Journeys – Patch from Scratch

MODULAR AMBIENT ‘Morning Orange Swan’ – Klavis Twin Waves Doepfer A-111-6 mini synth 2HP Pluck

MODULAR BEAT ‘One small steppy 4 jam’ feat: Intellijel Steppy, Pico Drum2, Doepfer Mini Synths

MODULAR LIVE ‘Four is Never Enough’ Sunday AM Live Modular Eurorack Patching – 4 July AEDT 9.30am

MODULAR AMBIENT ‘Subliminal Moments’ Improvisation feat: Intellijel steppy 2hpPluck KlavisTwinWaves

DIGITAKT: BETWEEN A ROCK AND A DARK SPACE #elektron #digitakt #musicinnature #BlueMountains

MODULAR OUTDOOR ‘Winter Solace’: Live Patched eurorack impro / jam in Australia’s Pagodas #lithgow

In 4K – Collaboration SIGNALS THROUGH GAIA Ambient Impro Australia to UK SH101 Gaia NTS1s QuNexus

MODULAR LIVE ‘Intersteller’ Saturday Late 12 June 10.30pm AEST – Eurorack, Ambient, Paris, Berlin

MODULAR OUTDOOR ‘Sleeping Beauty’ Impro in Pagoda Country Eurorack Blue Mountains #highfrequency

MONKEY CREEK: Outdoor Jam on Elektron #Model:Cycles #BlueMountains #PagodaCountry #Dargan

MODULAR LIVE ‘Dreamworld’ Sunday Morn JAM 30 May 2021 Modular, Techno Ambient Experimental Melodic

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